Creating Assignments

          On the Vocareum platform, assignments are created by teachers and then “published” to students. Students only see published assignments, work on them and then “submit” them. Once submitted, the assignments are graded and then the grades and feedback are made available to students.

          To create an assignment, select “Assignments” on the menu bar once you have selected your course. At this point you can either start from an assignment that has already been created by selecting "Copy" or select "New" to start from scratch. You can import an assignment from one of the courses where you have access. 

          Below are the sections that you will need to configure to create an assignment

          Name: Enter name of the assignment. You can also change the position where the assignment appears in the list - 

          Parts: In this section you can create "parts" of the assignment. Assignments can have multiple parts. Each part is an independent problems that students work on. These parts can either have the same deadline or independent deadlines. Independent deadlines are often used by teachers to split an assignment into multiple milestones. Each part must have a name and at least one grading rubric. Grading rubrics are a list of name and maximum value. These fields will be presented to the grader for manual grading. Auto-grading scripts will need to refer to the rubric item names while specify the scores. Part-level controls are set by clicking on the part name - 

          There are various configuration options that can set that are specified under LTI, Options, Exam, and Advanced. Visit Assignment Options for more details. These settings are applicable to the entire assignment.

          Configure Workspace:  This is the workbench for teachers where they can create and test assessment scripts. These scripts can be tied to "events" like assignment submission and auto-grading.

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