Canvas LTI setup

Please see the section on LTI configuration to see how to setup LTI on Vocareum and access Key, Secret, and Launch URL from Vocareum.

Once the course is created on Canvas, go to 'Settings'->'Apps'. You can either search for Vocareum under external apps and then 'Add App' or you can click on 'View App Configurations' and then 'Add App'

You will now add the Consumer key, Shared Secret & Launch URL in the form. You also need to choose 'Email Only' as the privacy setting since Vocareum uses email addresses to let users access the platform.

When you have created an assignment on Vocareum platform, go to 'Options' and copy the link under 'LTI link'. When you create a new assignment on Canvas, select the submission type as 'External Tool' and you can copy & paste the URL link from Vocareum for that assignment. You can also specify whether Vocareum is opened as separate tab by selecting the 'Load This Tool In A New Tab' checkbox. If unselected, Vocareum will be shown within the Canvas window.

Once this is completed, when your students log into their LMS they will be shown a link for each assignment on Canvas. When they click on that link, they will be automatically authenticated and land on the appropriate Vocareum page and can do their work.

When you are ready to export their grades to the LMS, you select "Push grades through LTI" under the 'Exports' menu item under "Dashboard" tab under "Manage Classes". This will export the grades to your LMS and show up in the LMS Gradebook.

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