Assignment Options

While creating an assignment, following options are available under "Options" - 

- Student Repo - Available only if the student repo is set to ON at the course level in Settings=>Github. If turned ON at the assignment level then the platform creates a private repo for every student for this assignment. If the assignment is a team project, then one repo is created per student. See Using Git for more details.

- Team Assignment - If set to ON, system prompts for minimum and maximum team sizes. Students are prompted to create teams of minimum size before they can start the assignment. See Team Projects for more details.

- Peer Review - Vocareum offers a rich set of peer review functionality. See the Peer Review section for more details on how to use this feature.

- Auto-publish grades - By default, grades have to be "published" using the control Assessment=>Control=>Publish Grades. But if you select this option then grades will be immediately available to the students as soon as they are set. Grades can be set either by a script or manual grading option.

- Copy Starter Code - If have uploaded files in the Stater Code folder then these files get copied to the work area when the student starts the assignment. If you turn this option to OFF then the copy will not be made. Student can still download a copy of the starter code from their IDE by selecting Action=>Download Starter Code.

- Auto-grade on submit - If set to ON and a grading script is present, then the grading script is immediately run every time a student submits an assignment. These scripts are run in the background. Setting this option could help save time as compared to initiating a batch run.

- Lock Student IDE - When set to ON, student would not be be able to go to their IDE but they would still be able to see their grades and overall grading comments. This option is used primarily for exams if the teacher does not want to show the source code to students.

- Leaderboard - If set to ON, students are presented with a "Leaderboard" button on the assignment page. See the  Leaderboard section for more details

- Exam mode - If set to ON and the assignment is published then the student is only allowed to work on this assignment. When the deadline has passed or the assignment is unpublished then student can continue to work on other assignments.

- IP Address Range - If set then the system will attempt to ensure that all IP address of the student machines are within this range. This option can be used for conducting exams on Vocareum platform.

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