Assignment Versioning

The Vocareum platform automatically supports versioning at the assignment part level.  This allows an teacher to update the assignment and publish changes to the students at any time.  When an assignment is updated, the teacher can choose to push the new version to all students or just to students who haven't already started the assignment.  Students who have already started the assignment would then have the option to reset their workarea to the latest revision.  It is not possible to revert back to an older revision.


When a change is made to the course content at the part level (e.g. asnlib, scripts, startercode) after the assignment has already been published and at least one student has logged into the assignment, the ‘Update’ button can make the content available to students and grading activities. Here is the dialogue box:


When logging into the assignment the very first time, the student is registered to use the latest version. The student will switch to use the newer version automatically if the teacher chooses ‘Replacing existing content’. Alternatively, student can do a Reset to the workarea in order to use the newer version:

If there is a newer version, here is the dialogue:

If there is no newer version, this is the dialogue:

NOTE:  it is not possible to revert to an older revision.


The version information is saved together with the student submissions; as a result, the grading script will pick up the correct version content for grading execution.

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