Mastery Learning

Vocareum's "Mastery Learning" feature allows you to specify an order for which assignments must be completed by students.  This is accomplished by assigning a "level" (integer) to each part of an assignment.  Assignments with lower levels must be successfully completed before assignments with higher levels may be attempted. (NOTE:  the level numbers do not need to be contiguous)  

1. In order to enable this feature, turn it ON at the course level in Setup -> Settings.

2. Then, in the setup page for each part belonging to the Mastery Level, you can specify an integer level - 

3. When a part has a Mastery Level defined, a rubric called VOC_LEVEL_COMPLETED is automatically created. This needs to be set to 1,  either manually by the grader or through a script.  This indicates to the system that student has successfully completed the given level.

If the student attempts to go to a part before the previous level has been completed, he/she will see a message - 

" You need to successfully complete <previous assignment> before you can start this assignment."

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