Using GIT

All our servers currently have ports open to connect to and Students can access their repo from their work spaces hosted on these services.

In addition we provide an option where private repos hosted on will be created and managed by Vocareum. These repos are created using an organization credential that is authorized to create these repos. Typically you would need to request and received education discount from  github to create these private repos.

Go to Setup=>Setting and turn Github to ON

Enter the Organization name for your class and select Authenticate. That will take you to page where you need to provide your email and password. 

At this point Vocareum will get a token to perform tasks on behalf and will go through the verification phase to make sure that everything is setup properly. Once organization level credentials have been provided and verified by Vocareum, you can ask Vocareum to create a private repo for any assignment by turning Advanced Setting=>Student Repo to ON for that assignment. The platform will create a private repo for each student, populate it with starter code, and invite them to join the repo. It expects student to provide their github account in their settings. If it is a team assignment then one repo is created per team.

Student Submission

Student submission flow is independent of whether the repo was created and managed by Vocareum platform or not. and ports are accessible from any of the terminals. These can be used by students to directly access their git repos from their Vocareum IDE. Students are expected to first copy their work from their git repo in the work directory using the terminal and then "submit" their assignment.

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