What are AWS Educate Classrooms?

AWS Educate Classrooms is a program through which educators can set up their own AWS Educate virtual teaching space, request AWS credits, invite students, monitor usage and view activity. Templated classroom environments are provided through this new feature on topics such as Cloud Basics, AWS Cloud9, and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The AWS Educate Classrooms feature is offered through AWS Educate at www.awseducate.com and supported by educational cloud-lab provider, Vocareum.

How do I get support for my AWS Educate Account?

Click here to request support for your AWS Educate Account. (You may leave the AWS Account ID field blank)

How do I enroll students or update the roster in my Classroom?

Students can be enrolled through the AWS Educate portal. AWS Educate Classroom cannot be enrolled from the Vocareum site.

How do I create assignments in my Classroom?

Today, AWS Educate Classrooms are primarily used as a teacher-assisted lab environment for AWS resources. In the future, more of Vocareum's features (assignment creation, grading, team projects, exams, etc) may be offered. Please contact AWS Educate Classrooms team with any requests.

What services are available for AWS Educate Starter and Classroom Accounts?

Instructors may chose up to 3 classroom templates when building an AWS Educate Classroom (e.g., Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud9, or Serverless). The templates define the services available to students.

Services available in a Starter Account are listed in this document.

I selected some Free-Tier eligible resources, but I am still getting charged. Why?

Accounts offered through the AWS Educate Classroom are not eligible for Free-Tier resources.

What happens when I run out of credits?

When your credits are exhausted, your account will be shut down and all resources will be deleted. In certain cases, you may be eligible for a one-time credit extension. Please contact AWS Educate directly for more details.

Why did my account get deactivated and flagged for review?

There are certain terms and restrictions in the AWS Educate and Starter Accounts. You may have violated them. Please contact AWS Educate directly to request more information and to reinstate your account.

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