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Building custom docker image
Building custom docker image
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Vocareum provides pre-built image for your projects. But you can customize these images by adding packages or services to images provided by Vocareum.

You must create at least one part to be able to create your own image.

Select "Configure Workspace" for any part in the lab

Installing packages globally will require using the sudo command:

sudo pip3 install <package>

If you do not use sudo the package will be installed locally, which instructors can use for testing. Locally installed packages will not be made available globally when a new image is created.

After successfully installing packages, you will need to create the new image

Select "Save Image"

Wait for the "Image Saved" message before moving forward

Navigate back to the Part settings and select your new custom image.

Your new image will have "custom" in the name. Every new iteration of this image will overwrite the previous one after saving.

Select "Save Part" and the new image is now available globally to your class.

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