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Managing Enrollments
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The Vocareum platform defines three roles. A user can have multiple roles within a course

  • Teacher: This role has complete administrative privilege for the course. This includes enrolling other users, creating assignments, as well as access to grading, reporting and control functions associated with managing the course.

  • Grader: This role is reserved for users who are assigned to grade the course or assignment. They only see a list of the students they have been assigned to grade and can grade only those assignments. Once the assignment deadline has passed, graders can be assigned to the students through Assessment=>Control=>Assign Graders. You can assign graders using a weighted random distribution, upload a CSV files, or assign them to a specific section.

  • Student: Once enrolled, the student see the assignments for the course after the assignment is “Published”. They can work on the assignment by uploading the work from their own device or create work on the system. They then “Submit” the assignment according to the rules for the specific assignment. Once the assignment has been graded, they can view the grade and any feedback provided to them by the grader. Please see the Student Workflow document for more details.

If you are using an existing LMS like Canvas or Blackboard, you can use Vocareum <codeLMS> as a plug-in and enroll students directly through LTI.

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