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Student File Browser [02/22/19]
Student File Browser [02/22/19]
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We have released two changes to the student file browser. These changes are completely backward compatible and in-progress classes will not see any change.

  • Access to Previous Submissions - For a given assignment, students can see all their submissions (not just the latest one)

  • Student Visibility of Resource Directory - The assignment "resource" directory is now visible to students via the File Browser

NOTE: These changes are only visible on the "Standard" and "Standard with Terminal" IDE.

Access to Previous Submissions

Based on popular request, we are now making all previous submissions for a given assignment available to the student, not just the latest one. All newly created courses will have this feature enabled by default.

For existing courses, instructors may request this feature to be enabled via email to

Student Visibility of Resource Directory

The other change is "resource" directory. For content that was in the public sub directory of either the lib or asnlib directories, programs in student's workarea could access it through the relative path ../resource or through environment variables $LIB or $ASNLIB but the directory was not visible in the file browser. It meant that students could not download content from these directories or view them in the source code viewer. As a teacher you can now enable the resource directory to be visible in the file browser by setting the flag "Show resource in student IDE" to ON. This flag will be set to OFF for current courses but ON for new courses.

Note: If you are running Jupyter Notebook or R Studio, please should switch to "Standard View" by selecting Actions=>Standard in order to see the file browser.

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