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Purchasing access to Vocareum
Purchasing access to Vocareum
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Your class may be require you to purchase access to Vocareum directly. You have the following options -

  1. Pay online with a credit card

  2. Pay online with PayPal

  3. Purchase access code from your bookstore, if offered as an option by your teacher

Depending upon your specific configuration, you will access Vocareum either directly from LMS or by logging into Vocaerum through the password that will be mailed to you when your teacher enrolls you in Vocareum. In both case if you are required to purchase access immediately, you will be presented with the following dialog -

Otherwise, you can access Vocareum for free until the specified date -

Select "Buy Now" to pay online via credit card or PayPal. Or, select "click here" to redeem the code purchased from your bookstore.

NOTE: Your bookstore will either sell you the code directly or they will sell you an access card. If you purchased an access card you will need to scratch off the back of the card and enter the 12 character code. If you get an invalid code error, please check and re-enter the code again, especially being careful that you have not swapped the letter O and number 0 by mistake. Once you have redeemed a code, it cannot be used again.

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