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Vocareum REST API
Vocareum REST API
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The Vocareum API enables you to manage all aspects of your Vocareum courses. It offers endpoints to help you with courses, assignments, enrollment, and grading.

  • Query course, assignment and part information

  • Query part level resources

  • Enroll new users (student or instructor)

  • Update user enrollment information

  • Update user enrollment status

  • Download course grades

  • Download student submissions

  • User Single-Sign-On

For details, visit HERE.


The Vocareum API requires an application-specific token in every request to verify the user.

You can generate a token by first selecting "Settings" under your account name in the top right corner and then selecting the tab "Personal Access Token".

When you select "Generate new token", you can select the scope and the permission granted to the token. You can also delete a previously created token -

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