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Students have the ability to upload their assignments into their workarea by clicking on the My Work button. Alternately, if the Git option is enabled for their course, the students can simply push their code to Bitbucket server (see details for " Using Git" here).

  • Once the students upload their assignment, the system does not automatically make it available for grading. It stays in the student workarea where they can continue to make changes. When they are ready to submit the assignment for grading, they simply click Submit on the cloud IDE. Even after the student has submitted the assignment, they can continue to work on the assignment. Note: The teacher will set up the number of submissions per assignment.

  • If the teacher has set up a "Grading" script, the submitted code is run against that script.

Once the assignment has been graded, they can view the grade and any feedback provided to them by the grader. The only exception is when the assignment calls for “Peer Grading”, students will be asked to grade their peers according to the rules established by the TA.

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