Assigning Graders
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The "Grader" role for a class is used to partition the grading responsibilities for an assignment to graders. A user can have multiple roles in a class. For example, the same user can have teacher and grader role.

When a user has grader role for a class, a Grade option appears on the top menu bar.

To assign graders to students, select Dashboard=>Control=>Assign Graders. The following options are available for assigning graders to students -

- Random - Platform will randomly assign students to grader. The assignment will be weighted by value given to each grader under Dashboard=>Grader table.

- Use CSV file - you can specify a CSV file where each line is <student email>, <grader email>

- Same as last - preserve the grader assignment from previous assignment

Please note that grader is assigned only to students who have submitted an assignment.

Assignment based on sections

If your class has multiple sections, you can assign graders to a section on the enrollment page by selecting Edit -

Once you assign any grader to a section, you will see another option when you select Dashboard=>Control=>Assign Graders -

"Random - section based" will make sure that graders that have a specific section assigned to them are only assigned to students from that section.

After assigning graders you can manually change the assignment for a specific student by going to Dashboard=>Summary=>[Student email] -

You can select "Remove" or "Add more" to change the grader assignment for this student.

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