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Please see the section on LTI configuration to see how to setup LTI on Vocareum and access Key, Secret, and Launch URL from Vocareum.

Once the course is created on Canvas, go to 'Settings'->'Apps'->'View App Configuration', then '+ App'.

You will be presented with a dialog box to add the Vocareum App.

  • For "Configuration Type", select "By URL".

  • Enter "Vocareum Content" in the "Name" field.

  • Copy the 'Consumer Key' and 'Shared Secret' from the your course settings page in Vocareum. Navigate from your course page to the Settings tab => LMS Integrations => LTI Details => View

  • Enter the following URL for the 'Config URL' field:

When you create a new assignment on Canvas, select the submission type as 'External Tool'. You will be presented with a dialog box containing a list of your Vocareum assignments when you click "Vocareum Content".

Once you have selected the Vocareum assignment, you can also specify whether Vocareum is opened as separate tab by selecting the 'Load This Tool In A New Tab' checkbox. If unselected, Vocareum will be shown within the Canvas window.

Once this is completed, when your students log into their LMS they will be shown a link for each assignment on Canvas. When they click on that link, they will be automatically authenticated and land on the appropriate Vocareum page and can do their work.

When you are ready to export their grades to the LMS, you select "Push grades through LTI" under the 'Exports' menu item under "Dashboard" tab under "Manage Classes". This will export the grades to your LMS and show up in the LMS Gradebook.

Troubleshooting students not seeing their grades on Canvas

  • Make sure that "Publish grades" is set to ON in Options for the assignment in Vocareum. You can manually push the grades by going to Dashboard=>Export=>Push grade through LTI to send grades which were not sent.

Canvas - Student View

Vocareum does not allow anonymous students to come through LTI and so that is why Canvas - Student View will not work unless you set a custom parameter named masq_userid. You can set this parameter under the custom parameter section where you have added the Vocareum App/Tool and specified the LTI key/secret. Please set the value of this parameter as below and Student View will start working.


Automatically Enrolling Students in Sections

If you want different sections in the Canvas course to automatically create sections on Vocareum course, you can choose to use the auto-create of sections feature. Under Course->Settings->LTI, you can turn ON the 'Auto create section' feature. Once that is done, on Canvas you have to pass the custom parameter :


If you want different cohorts/courses on the LMS accessing the same course (content) on Vocareum, you can choose to use the auto-creation of sections feature. Under Course->Settings->LTI, you can turn ON the 'Auto create section' feature. There are two ways to pass section name from your LMS to Vocareum through LTI

LTI parameter

For this to work, you need to configure the LTI settings on the LMS for each cohort/course to pass the LTI parameter lis_course_offering_sourcedid (e.g. SIS ID of the course in Canvas) with the LTI launch. Once Vocareum receives this parameter with each LTI launch, it will create a section (if not already there) with the name as value of the parameter and the respective student gets enrolled under that section. Please note that the value of the parameter should be unique across all the courses on your LMS and should not change during the duration of the individual course.

Custom parameter

If you want different cohorts/courses on the LMS accessing the same course (content) on Vocareum and you can't use the lis_course_offering_sourcedid. You can pass a custom parameter voc_section_name e.g. voc_section_name=Section A (June 2018) and Vocareum will enroll the specific student under that section. Please note that you have to create the specific sections on Vocareum under Course->Settings->Sections->ON for this path to work.

Preserving Canvas LTI links from Parent Course in Cloned Course

NOTE: This feature is only available for users with Org Administrator role

For cases in which you have created 'parent' and 'cloned' courses in Vocareum that you need to link in Canvas, we are providing a custom parameter in Canvas that preserves the LTI links so you don't have to re-enter LTI links for each assignment in the new cloned course.


1.  Link your Vocareum 'Parent' course to a 'Parent' course in Canvas.  This should include setting up the LTI links to all the 

2. From Vocareum, use the "Clone by Reference" feature to copy the Vocareum parent course.  

3. From any assignment in the clone course, click the info icon to retrieve the courseid:

3. From Canvas, use the 'Copy' feature to copy the corresponding Canvas parent course.

4. From Canvas, set up the cloned course's key/secret information as per the instructions above.

5.  Add a value in the Custom Field block in the following format :



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