Basic Course Settings
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You can go to set attributes associated with the course by selecting Settings on the top bar -

Here are some of the "basic settings" -

- Title - this is the name of the course that all the users will use to select a course.

- Course Image - this is optional and if you upload an image, this will be used in the "Card View" when listing the course.

- Timezone - This will be used for all the settings when time is needed like due date for submissions. If your time zone is not in the drop down list, please let Vocareum know at and we will add it.

- End Date - This is the date when the course ends. As a teacher you can not change this date. After this date students will no longer be able to work on their projects. As a teacher or admin, you will continue to have access to the platform.

- Access End Date - While the students can no longer work on their projects after the "End Date", they can continue to access their data until this date. You can change this date.

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