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When we setup the course for you, we also set up the resources limits for the students. This is done by Vocareum for your course upon course setup. Different limits can be set for grading scripts, submission scripts, or for the interactive session. The limits can be set to a maximum of the value specified in "max" column. Value in the "max" column can only be changed by Vocareum.

Following are some of the important limits -

Allowed max size per upload file - This is the limit on the size of a single file that can be uploaded to Vocareum.

Max jupyter notebook size before warning - Often the size of the notebook can increase because of large data in output cells. When a student starts an assignment, the platform will check if the notebook is larger than this limit and give a warning to the learner and an option to delete the output data. This prevents long load file which can be often be misinterpreted as system "hanging" when trying to open a notebook.

Max cpu time - this is the time in seconds for CPU time allowed for the script

Process timeout - this is the limit of wall clock time allowed for the script before the script is killed.

Max. Grading CPU Time can also be accessed from the Part level settings of the Assignment

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