Generating Starter Code
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There is an option to automatically generate the starter code for the student to work. It can be used to provide different assignment to each student by creating the starter code on the fly. Please realize that the other option to provide different assignments is described under the assignment versioning section.

First select "Generate Startercode" under the Advanced section of assignment setup.

If this option is selected then script will be run before the students startercode area is populated. It is not present by default.

It can be used, for example, to create random configuration for each assignment. is referred in the admin space, i.e. it can see all the files in asnlib and lib directories, not just the ones in "public" folders.

Please note that startercode is copied to the work area when student starts the assignment. It is also used when student hits the "Reset" button or refers to the relative path ../resource/startercode.

If you are using API for grading then startercode directory will be delivered with student submission so it can be used by the grading script.

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