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Custom cloud infrastructure
Custom cloud infrastructure
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If you have org admin credentials for your organization and there is a business agreement between your organization and Vocareum, you will be able to create a custom lab for learners and for assessment.

First to go to course settings page and turn the Cloud Resources to ON

The options are -

Cloud Provider - Today only AWS is supported

AWS Region - Select the AWS region where you want the infrastructure to be launched

Part Specific Account - If turned off then one account will be created for the entire course, otherwise one AWS account will be created for each part. If you want the budget set at the course level, leave it OFF, otherwise, set it ON.

Session Length - Set the time for each student session. If the user has not manually extended the session, resources will be stopped at the end of session. Session timer can be reset by the learner by selecting "Start Lab" again.

Per-user Account Budget - Specify the budget in dollars.

End Lab Behavior - The options are -
- "terminate resources" - resources are terminated.
- "stop resources" - all EC2 instances will be stopped. System will continue to incur expense for storage and other active resources.

Clean Up After -
- Each Session - If selected, platform will automatically execute the "End Lab" action at the end of each session. Learner can always manually select "End Lab"
- Course Expiration - If selected, resources can and only be stopped manually.

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