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Session management for custom cloud
Session management for custom cloud
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If the student is given access to custom cloud infrastructure, a "Start Lab" button will appear on the student IDE.

When the learner selects "Start Lab" for the first time, a build will be initiated based on the cloud formation template. Learner should get a message as shown below.

Learner can either select the Start Lab again to see the status of the build or if there is an AWS button present, go to AWS console to see the status.

There are two ways to end the session. Learner can manually select "End Lab" to initiate ending the session. At this point, either all the resources are terminated or all EC2 instances are stopped depending upon the End Lab behavior specified in the course setting. Or when the session timer expires based on the course configuration setting, End Lab is automatically initiated. If the learner wants to extend the session, they can select "Start Lab" again and the session timer will be reset.

When the user visits the IDE after Start Lab was triggered once and End Lab behavior was specified to stop the instances, Start Lab would restart stopped EC2 instances.

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