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When you select "Configure Workspace" you are taken to an IDE where you can setup all the files and scripts associated with the part. One of the options on the top "menu" is "Student View" which lets you see how the assignment would appear to the student without needing to publish the assignment.

Please note the following about the feature -

- You will need to select "Update" to make sure that your changes are visible in the student view.

- If you make changes to the "Starter code" then you need to "reset" the assignment in the student view to make sure that the latest changes in the starter code are copied over to the student work area.

- When you "submit" the assignment, make sure that "Auto-grade on submit" is set to ON if you want the grading script to be run upon submission.

- If you are trying to see jupyter notebook or R Studio launched in Student View, make sure to set the Student IDE to Jupyter Notebook or R Studio in Workspace tab for the part setting

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