Team Projects

Assignments can be worked on individually. Alternatively learners can be assigned to a team, form their own, and choose their own partners.

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You can have the option to have students work as a team. Once the team has been established, students work in the common work area and any of the team members can work on and submit the assignment. Once grading is done, all team members will receive same grade.

You can setup your assignment for team programming by toggling the “Team Project” box ON in the Assignment Options of your class:

Once "Team Project" is set to ON you can select "Team Assignment Setup" to configure team settings:

From the "Team Assignment Setup" menu can set the size of a Team, or select if learners can form their own teams (which disables Team Size settings). Same Section Team determines if students can form teams outside of their section (only when sections are enabled for an assignment). And you can also decide if team members receive an email update upon one of their partners submission.

Note: The Team Assignment Setup menu is the legacy interface that is still supported while we migrate all functionality to the new interface featured below.

After navigating to your Vocareum class, click on the "Class" tab to begin creating your teams.

From here you can determine how to assign teams:

Team - Assign students to teams manually

Random - Assigns students to teams randomly based on the set size of a team

Upload - Assign students to teams by csv file. The file must have student email addresses separated by commas ex:,

Once a Team is formed you have multiple options to adjust the Team settings:

Options to rename the team, enter the team workarea, add or remove team members and adjust budgets are available from this page. Once you have formed the team. created a name and made any adjustments to the budget you will Finalize the team.

After you Finalize a team you will need to manually adjust the team budget if team members are dropped or adde.

Selecting a team member's name will also display more information. Such as the learner's email, last time they visited the assignment, the first time they accessed the assignment and assignment score:

You can view a students submissions for the assignment from the Actions menu. As well as extend submission deadline:

Team Budgets

Breakdown of how budgets work for Teams:

Total course budget = part-budget x course-enrollment

  • Anytime a new team is finalized, we check to make sure there is sufficient budget to fund the new team; this prevents the instructor from giving extra budget to the same users.

  • Team composition is independent of the team budget.

    • Instructors may change team composition at any time (before and/or after teams are finalized)

  • A team's budget is established when the team composition is "finalized".

    • The team-budget = part-budget x team-size at the time of finalization.

    • Once a team-budget is finalized, it may only be adjusted by an org-admin.

    • Changing team composition will not affect the team's budget. i.e., if everyone is removed from the finalized team, the team-budget will remain the same; if more learners are added to the finalized team, the team-budget remains the same.

    • If there is not sufficient budget to fully fund a team being finalized, the remaining budget is assigned to the team. This happens when students in a finalized team is removed, then finalized as part of a new team

From the Summary tab on your Dashboard, select a student to view the partner(s) in their team. From there you can add another partner, and remove a specific partner from the team.

By default all Team members get the same grade, but from the Summary tab a teacher can override the grade for the entire team (Team override) or an individual team partner (Individual override).

Once the minimum and maximum size of the team is set, the system will enable students to select “Send Invite” to other students to join the team. Once a student has sent (n-1) invitations, where n is the size of the team, the student can not send another invitation unless they cancel the invitation:

When a student logs in, they will see a list of all invitations at which point they can accept one of the invitations. Once the requisite number of students are reached, the work area is created for the team and they can work on the assignment.


LTI - LTI does not support the team project concept, so teams cannot be formed in 3rd party LMS. Team project setup and management needs to happen natively in Vocareum.

Cloud - Teams will be given a fresh AWS account constrained in the same way as individual AWS accounts (same policy, same budget, same end-lab behavior).

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