You can have the option to have students work as a team. Once the team has been established, students work in the common work area and any of the team members can work on and submit the assignment. Once grading is done, all team members will receive same grade.

You can setup your assignment for team programming by setting “Team Assignment” to ON.

Once "Team Assignment" is set to ON you can select "Team Assignment Setup" to configure the size of the team

Once the minimum and maximum size of the team is set, the system will enable students to select “Send Invite” to students to join the team. Once a student has sent (n-1) invitations, where n is the size of the team, the student can not send another invitation unless she/he cancels the invitation. When a student logs in, she/he will see a list of all invitations at which point she/he can accept one of the invitations. Once the requisite number of students are reached, the work area is created for the team and they can work on the assignment.

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