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Vocareum's "Mastery Learning" feature allows you to specify an order for which assignments must be completed by students. This is accomplished by assigning a "level" (integer) to each part of an assignment. Assignments with lower levels must be successfully completed before assignments with higher levels may be attempted. (NOTE: the level numbers do not need to be contiguous)

1. In order to enable this feature, turn it ON at the course level using the Settings button.

2. Then, in the setup page for each part belonging to the Mastery Level, you can specify an integer which represents the mastery level for that part under Options section -

3. When a part has a Mastery Level defined, a rubric called VOC_LEVEL_COMPLETED is automatically created. This needs to be set to 1, either manually by the grader or through a script. This indicates to the system that student has successfully completed the given level.

If the student attempts to go to a part before the previous level has been completed, he/she will see a message -

" You need to successfully complete <previous assignment> before you can start this assignment."

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