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If Leaderboard option is set to ON, then student is presented with a "Leaderboard" button immediately after submitting the assignment. You have the option to specify an overall score for the "Leaderboard" by setting the value of the rubric VOC_RANK_SCORE in the grading script. Other options available for this feature are -

- Upvote - if set to ON, system will prompt you for a value. Students will have the option to "Upvote" a submission and the overall score for the submission will be incremented by the value specified in the "Score". Each student can upvote only once per submission.

- Visibility - If set to false then the leaderboard table is all that is visible to the student. If set to True then student will have the option to View the submission also by clicking on the "View" button in the Leaderboard table. You can further specify whether the student source is visible or not by setting "Source Code" to ON or OFF. If the Source Code is turned to OFF, then student will only see auxiliary submission data associated with the assignment in "media" directory of the submission.

- Rubrics - If you set the Leaderboard option to ON and then edit the rubrics associated with the assignment, each rubric has an associated option to show it on the leaderboard or not. If you select the rubric then the value will be presented in the leaderboard.

- User name - Leaderboards are, by default, anonymous. However, if the student has set a screen name in her/his settings then that screen name will be displayed in the leaderboard.

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