Creating a R Studio assignment
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You need to set the Student IDE to "R Studio" in the Workspace section of part setting to launch R Studio when the student starts the assignment. Below are the complete steps to create a R Studio assignment from scratch -

1. Select New Assignment to create a new assignment.

2. Select a name for the assignment and select "Save and Continue"

3. Add a part by selecting "+"

4. Select a name for the part.

5. Set your Lab Type to RStudio

6. Select Save Part

7. Select Configure Workspace

8. Upload data in publicdata directory under asnlib (it can be referred as ../resource/asnlib/publicdata) and R or R markdown file under startercode directory. Students will get a copy of all the files under startercode when they start the assignment.

9. Select Update to deploy the changes in the file system

10. Select assignment in the top-left corner to go back to the assignment list page. Select Publish to make the assignment visible to the student

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