You need to set the Student IDE to "R Studio" in the Workspace section of part setting to launch R Studio when the student starts the assignment. Below are the complete steps to create a R Studio assignment from scratch -

1. Select New Assignment to create a new assignment.

2. Select a name for the assignment and select "Save and Continue"

3. Add a part by selecting "+"

4. Select a name for the part.

5. Select R Studio under Student IDE in the Workspace section

6. Select Save Part

7. Select Configure Workspace

8. Upload data in publicdata directory under asnlib (it can be referred as ../resource/asnlib/publicdata) and R or R markdown file under startercode directory. Students will get a copy of all the files under startercode when they start the assignment.

9. Select Update to deploy the changes in the file system

10. Select assignment in the top-left corner to go back to the assignment list page. Select Publish to make the assignment visible to the student

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