You can create assignments that run full stack on Vocareum's shared server architecture by following the steps outlined below.

1. Create a new assignment by selecting "New" -

2. Enter a name of the assignment and select "Save and Continue"

3.. Add a part by selecting "+"

4. Add a part name

5. Select IDE as "standard with terminal" under Workspace

5. Select "Web/WS server" under Resources

5. Select "Save Part"

6. Select "Configure Workspace" and add starter code and other files as needed for the assignment.

7. As a student, start a HTTP server (e.g. node) by typing in the following. In this example Server.js is the node file for the server. voc_get_proxied_server_port gets an available port for the server.

node Server.js `voc_get_proxied_server_port`

8. Student can now connect to the web server by typing "" on the same browser where you started the server in a different tab. Platform uses the session cookie to connect to the right web server.

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