Do we offer student discounts or scholarships or referral discounts?
Unfortunately at this moment we do not offer student discounts, scholarships or have a referral program implemented. 

What happens when you’ve exceeded 100% of your available credits?
The cluster will automatically shut down by the system when you exceed the credits. You don’t have to do anything further and will not be charged for overages. 

What happens if you’ve forgotten your password?
If you have forgotten your password, please visit and enter your email; a temporary (24-hour) password will be sent to you. After logging in, you will need to create a permanent password using the temporary password as the “current” one. 

NOTE-1: When asked for “current password”, please enter your “temporary password”.
NOTE-2: If you do not receive the password via email, please check your spam folder.
NOTE-3: If you are coming to Vocareum from an LMS (like Canvas or Blackboard) or from AWS Educate, you do not need to have a password on Vocareum.

How to get started with $100 credit for a college course?
Simply login via Your AWS Educate Starter Account comes pre-loaded with $100 of AWS credit. You don’t have to do anything to apply the credits.

Still getting billed even though I’ve stopped all my access points and deleted my account.
I haven't used AWS in a while, why is my credit still draining?
I've shut down and terminated everything, why is it still charging me?

There is often some delay in the AWS Billing, so charges may show up 24 hours later than your actual usage. If you continue to see charges accrue, make sure that all resources (instances, storage, volumes, database, etc) are terminated when you are through with them.

Please reactivate my account and reload my credits
I would like to extend my credit amount. How do I do that?

For this request, you will need to reach out to the AWS Educate Team directly at

NOTE: do not click to “Sign In”. Just fill out the form.

Can we suspend an account temporarily?
There is no way to suspend an account temporarily, we can only completely deactivate the account.

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