For certain applications, Vocareum will launch resources in your own AWS account. This depends upon the business agreement between you and Vocareum and the type of labs used. You must be the org admin for your organization to perform the following steps to register the AWS account which you want Vocareum to use to launch your AWS resources.

Go to "Edit Org" page.

Enter the AWS account number which you want Vocareum to use under "Customer Account #"

Vocareum does not ask for the credential for your account but instead you must establish a trust relationship between your account and the account specified in the " "Account #" such that this account can assume the role vocareumvm in your account. The role should have minimum privileges needed by Vocareum to launch the resources. 


 It might be a good practice to create your account as a member account in a separate AWS Organization to keep the Vocareum related resources and billings isolated from other activity. In addition you can apply organization level scp (service control policy) to further reduce your risk. Please refer to relevant AWS documentation for details on this topic

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