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Releasing Single- and Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)
Releasing Single- and Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)

This article explains how to create and release auto-graded MCQs using Vocareum's markdown-like language.

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1. Create a new assignment.

2. Select the "Publish Grades" option, then click "Save"

3. Create and name a new part.

4. Set the lab type as "Programming Lab" and set the layout options as follows:

5. Save the part setttings.

6. Select "Configure Workspace"

7. Create or upload a file adheres to the Vocareum markdown-like format for describing MCQ. The file should be located at work/

or in the work/docs directory.

NOTE: as you can see in the above example, you can include standard markdown and HTML content.

8. Click "Release Docs"

9. You will be presented with a choice to present your MCQ in a single-page format or a multi-tab format.

10. After you have generated the quiz, you may go back to the assignment setting page and click "Publish" to make it avialable to your students.

Single-Page Example

Multi-Tab Example

Video Tutorial

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