Exam mode is different from an assignment that you can control that the user can only work on the exam when it is published and not on any other assignment.

How do you schedule for an exam to start?

Manual/Scheduled means everyone will take the exam at the same time and you can either publish it at the time or control it via "Access Date". Alternatively, you can publish the exam and control the amount of time a learner has to take the exam.

Please note - You can only set exam mode on or off when the assignment is unpublished.

What is a Show End Exam Button?

"Show End Exam Button" means that there is an "End Exam" button which the learner presses and then go work on their other assignments.

What is a Show Exam Timer?

Show Exam Timer counts down the time.

Do exams auto-submit when the time is over?

We moved the auto submission to all assignments and that is why it is now generically under the Assignment Options

Can learners end a timed exam early?

Learners can end a timed exam early, with or without submitting all parts. A warning will be displayed if they are missing parts for submission and would like to proceed.

How can a learner retake an exam?

An instructor can reset the exam for a learner via the Class page under Exam Info, as well as the Dashboard->Summary page for that learner. Resetting the timer will allow a learner to reenter the exam, and will prompt for a passcode if an exam passcode is set.

How can you extend the exam time for a learner?

An instructor can override the exam time for a learner via the Class page under Class Info, as well as the Dashboard->Summary page for that learner under Exam Duration. When overriding the time for a student note that the amount of time given will still take into account the start time. e.g. a 90 minute exam that runs from 11:00am

What is SEB?

SEB - is integration to "Safe Exam Browser".

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