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Adding Vocareum as a Webhook to Skilljar
Adding Vocareum as a Webhook to Skilljar
Written by Rizzian Tuazon
Updated over a week ago

When integrating Vocareum content into Skilljar, Vocareum must first be added as a webhook in order for launch data to properly be sent to Skilljar.

The Webhook is an important part of the Vocareum-Skilljar Integration as it allows for Skilljar Registration events (i.e. when Skilljar users register/enroll into a course) to be sent to Vocareum in order for the registration event to be processed by Vocareum.

Adding Vocareum as a Webhook

1. Generating an API Key

In order to generate an API key, within the Skilljar Dashboard, using an admin account, go to 'Organization Settings' => 'API Credentials' then 'Create a Key'. This API key will be necessary when adding Vocareum's webhook processor.

2. Adding the Vocareum Webhook Processor

The Vocareum Webhook Processor can be added to Skilljar by using the 'Create' API call. This can be done by:

Going to the 'create' section of the Skilljar API website which can be found here.

Click 'Try This Out!' next to the 'create' API call.

A modal will show up asking for the target URL. Enter the following URL:

Ensure that the 'Active' checkbox is ticked.

After 'Send Request' is clicked, the a prompt asking for a username and password will show up. Enter your API key into the 'Username' field and leave the 'Password' field empty.

Once the request is successfully sent, the POST request response will be shown which displays the Webhook information.

The Vocareum Webhook processor has now successfully been added!

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