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Vocareum Elite

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Elite Layout Options

In Elite, everything has their own panes. You can minimize, maximize, and close panes to your preference.

Panels: One of the things you can deliver consistently is panels. Under panels, there is a Source, Console, File Browser and the Nav Bar.

  • The Source panel is a file editor.

  • Console panel can be any application we support like Jupyter, My SQL Workbench or RStudio. It could also be a web browser or desktop.

  • The file browser has 3 components: the work area, resources and submission. The work area is an editable space where learners work on. Resources is where you deliver data set to the learner. Submission is where all submissions go and students can find their past submissions here too.

  • Nav Bar can be turned on or off. It's useful for people trying to embed Vocareum to part of a page and get the full integrative experience.

Controls and Information: Depending on what lab you are providing, you'll see these controls. You can turn on or off on any of the options.

Video Tutorial

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