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Container file system
Written by Ophelia Yue
Updated over a week ago

Please see the help section on Configure Workspace for detailed description of each directories. This document describes how the files in Configure Workspace are made available to the containers

User work area

For learners the following directories are mounted as read-only directories in their containers

  • resource/asnlib/public mounted as /voc/public - this directory can have part level content that needs to be visible to the user

  • resource/lib/publicdata mounted as /voc/course/public - this directory can be used to store content that is common to all the parts. It should be used to deliver large datasets as well as other course level content.

Batch scripts

For the container that is used to run batch scripts including the grading script, the following additional directories are available as read-only -

  • resource/startercode mounted as /voc/startercode - contains startercode which will be copied to learners home directory /home/labsuser when the user first launches the lab

  • resource/asnlib mounted as /voc/private - any part level content that is needed for the batch scripts

  • resource/scripts mounted as /voc/scripts - contains scripts that can be run when the user submits the work.

  • resource/lib mounted as /voc/course/private - contains any course level content that is needed for the batch scripts that are not available to the learner.

Difference between "Managed App" and Containers

  • is not used for containers

  • directories resource/asnlib/publicdata and resource/lib/public are not available to containers.

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