Custom Roles
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Users can be assigned a custom role with limited permissions. Only org admins can create a custom role, but teachers and org admins, depending on the type of role, can assign a custom role to a user.

Creating a Custom Role

The custom roles page can be accessed from the 'Custom Roles' section of the org settings page.

On the custom roles page, a custom role can be created by clicking on the 'Create Role' button.

Course-Type Roles

Users can be assigned to course-type roles by teachers. Once a custom role is created, a tab for that role will appear on the enrollment page.



  • view: user can see a student's submissions via 'Dashboard -> Summary -> [student] -> Submissions'

  • grade: user can see and change a student's grade on the submissions page


  • view: user can enter a student's workarea via 'Dashboard -> Summary -> [student] -> Workarea'

  • submit: user can submit for a student

Org-Type Roles

Users can be assigned to org-type roles only by org admins. On the same page where custom roles are created, the 'Add User' button will bring up a modal where roles can be assigned to users. Note that only org-type roles can be assigned on this page.



  • clone: user can clone a course in the current org (the org in which the custom role is created)

    • user must be an org admin in the org that is receiving the clone

  • teacher access: user can perform teacher actions without being enrolled as a teacher

    • no org admin actions can be performed

Resource Dashboard

  • view: user can access the resource dashboard page for the org


  • create: user can create support tickets in Freshdesk

Lab Budget

  • edit time: change total time budget and monthly time budget for a student

  • edit cost: change total cost budget and monthly cost budget for a student

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