You can the update the children of a parent course using the "Update Clones" modal.

The following fields are updated based on the selected parameters:


  • Grading Criterion Name

  • Grading Criterion Allotted Points

  • Autograde Toggle

  • Exclude Toggle

  • Addition/Deletion of Grading Criteria

New Assignments:

  • If a new assignment is added to the Parent course, the new assignment will also be added to the clones.

  • HOWEVER, If a new part is created within a pre-existing assignment of the parent course, a new part IS NOT created/added to the corresponding assignment of the cloned courses.

Lab Configuration:

  • No Workarea

  • Lab Type

  • Lab Type - Terminal Version (if applicable)

  • Lab Type - Container/VM Image (if applicable)

  • Lab Interface Options

  • Cloud Labs toggle/selection

  • Spark Cluster + all configurable options under Spark Cluster

  • All ‘Budget & Times’ options

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