Update Clones

Update parameters of your cloned courses on the course, assignment and part level

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You can the update the children of a parent course using the "Update Clones" modal.

Update is located on your dashboard in your course list, on the right side under


The following fields are updated based on the selected parameters:


  • Grading Criterion Name

  • Grading Criterion Allotted Points

  • Autograde Toggle

  • Exclude Toggle

  • Addition/Deletion of Grading Criteria

New Assignments:

This is only applicable to "clone by reference" copies

  • If a new assignment is added to the Parent course, the new assignment will also be added to the clones.

  • HOWEVER, If a new part is created within a pre-existing assignment of the parent course, a new part IS NOT created/added to the corresponding assignment of the cloned courses.

Lab Configuration:

  • No Workarea

  • Lab Type

  • Lab Type - Terminal Version (if applicable)

  • Lab Type - Container/VM Image (if applicable)

  • Lab Interface Options

  • Cloud Labs toggle/selection

  • Spark Cluster + all configurable options under Spark Cluster

  • All ‘Budget & Times’ options

  • No Submission

Note - Update Clone will update all child assignments. Even if they are not part of the respective cloned courses.

Update Children on the Assignment and Part level

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