Browser Support and Requirements
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Vocareum supports the current and previous major versions of the following browsers:

  • Safari 15

  • Chrome 101

  • Firefox 100

  • Edge 101

For best performance please use the most current version of your browser.

For best performance on iPad, please use Safari

Cross-Site Tracking

When using Vocareum embedded in an LMS, you need to enable cross-site tracking and/or disable blocking third party cookies.


  • Go to the browser Preferences => Privacy, then disable "Prevent cross-site tracking"

  • If you are using Brightspace, set LTI links to "Open as External Resource". This setting will open the link in a new window instead of rendering it in an iframe.

Safari for iPad

  • Navigate to Safari settings => General => Block Pop-ups toggled off

  • Navigate to Privacy and Security in Safari settings. Disable "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" and "Block All Cookies"


  • Go to the browser Preferences => Privacy and security => Cookies and other site data, then disable "Block third-party cookies".

  • Alternatively you can visit: chrome://settings/cookies

  • If you want to continue blocking third party cookies for other websites, you can "add" [*.] to "Sites that can only use cookies" on the same page.


  • Go to browser Preferences => Privacy and Security => Custom, then toggle Cookies off.

  • Alternatively you can visit: about:preferences#privacy

  • If you want to continue blocking third party cookies for other websites, you can scroll down to "Cookies and Site Data" => Exceptions. Enter "" in the field and click Allow.


  • Go to the browser Preferences => Settings =>Privacy, Search, and Services.

  • Alternatively you can visit edge://settings/privacy

  • Navigate to Exceptions => Add Site and enter [*.] into the field.

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