Rerunning a course

Rerun a course with LTI

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If you have org admin privilege for your organization, you can rerun a course. Rerun will create a replica of an existing course and enroll teachers and it will also make sure the old LTI links and LTI secret/key (LTI v1.1) will now point to the new course .

First go to home page. Make sure to select the "org admin" on the top-left and "List View"

Click on "Show Archived Courses" check-box, as you do not want to "rerun" a live course which is still accessed by the learners.

Select the course you want to rerun and select "Rerun" button -

Please note that the "Rerun" button will only be visible for "LTI" courses.

Please make sure the old course is made inaccessible in your LMS otherwise users who will access that old course and click on LTI links get enrolled into the new course on Vocareum.

Select the options.

Special attention needs to be paid to the following options -

AWS Region:

This option will not show up for you if you are not using "Cloud" labs in your existing course.

Inherit Published State

If selected assignments will have the same Published flag as the parent. Otherwise assignments in children would be in unpublished state.


This option will only show up for you if you are an org-admin for multiple organizations.

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