Please see the configure workspace and Vocareum file tree docs for more detail on directories.

Resource and Startercode

When preparing an assignment in the Configure Workspace interface, before being published, an instructor will add notebooks and other materials to startercode in the resource directory. This will be the “Instructor Copy” of the assignment which will be processed and populated to the Student workarea when an assignment is published.

Once an assignment is published, and students have already entered their workareas, adding or updating resources to the startercode will not be immediately available in student workareas. One option is for students to "reset" their workarea to reflect the updated startercode. This method will delete any work the student had already done to match the startercode, so it is not always the most ideal option for making changes to an assignment once students have already started working on it.

Releasing to the Work Directory

It can sometimes be necessary to amend or add notebooks or files to an assignment once students have already started working in it. Making these changes is most suitable in the work directory.

After you have uploaded a new notebook to the work directory, or editing an existing notebook, you will then finalize it and make it available to students by releasing it into the environment.

Navigate to the top of the Configure Workspace IDE and select Jupyter. In the dropdown menu select "Release Notebook(s)".

From the Release Notebook(s) menu select which notebooks to include.

Note that there are other options you can select from this menu such as whether or not to generate a new grading script to reflect any differences between the new and previous notebook :

Once you have released the notebook select "Update*" to apply this change across the student work environments.

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