Rubric Level Comments

Add comments to learner's submitted work

Written by Kevin Wesley
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In the Submissions console for a lab, Instructors and Graders can add comments to each criterion of the grading rubric after a learner makes a submission.

Adding Comments to Submissions

From your course page navigate to the Dashboard tab. Select Submissions below. Then navigate to View from the row of a learner to view their submissions.

Navigate to the review comments on the right side. Select the word bubble next to the students's submissions to leave a comment and select save.

Adding Comments to Jupyter Notebooks

To enabled inline code comments for Jupyter Notebooks navigate to the Assignment settings and select Advanced. Toggle Live Code Comments on.

Open a notebook from the learner's submission, and select one of the cells. Select the "+" symbol to add a code comment

Save the comment and it will now be visible to the learner inside their own workarea.

Learner's Workarea

After a code comment has been added a "word bubble" icon will be visible next to a learner's submission

When they open the notebook inside their submission they will instantly see the instructor or grader's comments on their work.

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