Basic Lab Setup

Getting Started With Vocareum Labs

Written by Kevin Wesley
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Create Assignments, Parts and Lab Types

Select "New Assignment" from your course dashboard and fill in the name.

Add a Part to your assignment.

Name the Part and select Lab Type from the dropdown menu. Select Save Part befor moving on.

Navigate to Configure Workspace and begin to add content to your lab.

Configure Workspace and File Tree

Select /resource/startercode in the file tree on the left of the Teacher IDE. This is where you will put the "golden copy" of the coursework which will be processed and populated to the Student workarea when an assignment is “Published” or “Updated”.

The /scripts directory contains pre-defined Vocareum bash shell scripts that are written by the course team to facilitate student work, assignment submission and grading. Further detail on scripts here.

Select "Update*" to save changes globally across student environments.

Navigate to Student View to open the assignment in a student environment. You can test and run code from here.

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