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Integrating Vocareum into Docebo
Integrating Vocareum into Docebo
Written by Rizzian Tuazon
Updated over a week ago

Vocareum Course Configuration

In order to allow for a Vocareum course to be integratabtle into Docebo, the Vocareum course must first be configured to allow for LTI integration which can be done by following the steps found here: LTI Configuration

Adding Vocareum Content into Docebo

After the Vocareum course is successfully configured for LTI 1.1 Integration, Vocareum content can then be added into your Docebo instance by following Docebo's integration guide.

Some key things to note during integration into Docebo are:

  • 'Consumer key' and 'Shared Secret' are mandatory when adding LTI content

  • 'Launch URL' refers to the LTI Link which can be found within the Assignment's settings on Vocareum.

  • Ensure that 'Share Launcher's Name with the Tool' and 'Share Launcher's Email with the Tool' are ENABLED.

Vocareum does support the ability to send feedback/scores back to Docebo, therefore, Completion marking can freely be set to any of the available options.

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