Vocareum Environment Variables

List of Available Environment Variables

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VOC_COURSEID - Vocareum course-id for the course.

VOC_ASSIGNMENTID - Vocareum ID for the assignment.

VOC_PARTID - Vocareum ID for the part.

VOC_USERID - Unique Vocareum ID of the user/learner.

VOC_USER_EMAIL - Email address of the user. Can also use VOC_EMAIL_ID

VOC_INITIATORID & VOC_INITIATOR_EMAIL - Used to identify which team member submitted a team assignment.

VOC_LTI_USER_ID - LTI user ID passed via LTI launch.

VOC_SUBMISSION_COUNT - Submission count.

VOC_PKG_DIR - Where course python packages get installed.



VOC_PARTVERSION - Identify the version which the learner selected (in case of multiple versions)

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