Part Activity Log

Part level changes made to Vocareum assignments are detailed in the Part Activity Log

Written by Kevin Wesley
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The Part Activity Log tracks changes made on the part level of your Vocareum assignments. You can view the activity log by selecting "History beta" in your part.

Activity log can be sorted through by Timestamp, Method, Settings, UserID or all.

Settings changed via API are logged as well.

The number of entries loaded at a time can be adjusted in the Preferences menu by selecting the "cog" icon next to "Date Range".

Variables logged are as follows:

"Lab Definition":["Lab Image","Lab type","Lab Name","Terminal","Lab Output"]
"Budget":["Monthly Time Budget","Total Time Budget","Max Extension","Time Per Extension","Warmup Time","Launch Timeout","Max idle Time","Session Length","End Lab Behavior","Monthly Budget","Cost Budget","Spend Rate/Hour"]
"Resources":["Azure Policies","Cloud Labs","Disable Bulk Start","Instant AWS Access(CFN)","Select Account Pool","Attached Custom Role","Include DevOps Portal","User Databricks","Azure Synapse","GPU Selected":("interactive","grading","batch")]
Submissions":["Due Date","Late Submission","Early Submission","Early Bonus","Resubmit Count","Wait Interval","Show Solution","Solution Publish Date"]

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