Overview of the Sessions page and lab status

Written by Kevin Wesley
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The Sessions tab allows an overview of launch details and history for your container, virtual machine, Databricks or cloud lab environments.

From the dropdown, on the left side of the page, select your desired lab type to view. Choose from Container, VM, Cloud, or Databricks labs.

Note: You can toggle the ability to view failed labs only

The 'Sessions' page will now display the user who launched the lab, the lab and part it was launched in. You can view date and time of when the instance was launched, the time the lab started, initialized after starting, and ended.

A 'Log' is also kept tracking the success or failures at LAUNCH, START, INIT and END.

Reasons for lab termination will be logged as the following:

  • User Initiated - The user selected 'End Lab'

  • Reset - The user selected 'Reset'

  • Session Timer Expired - The set session time has ended

  • Host Server Terminated - The EC2 host server was scaled out

  • Host Server Interrupted by AWS - The spot EC2 server was taken away by AWS

  • Switching Host Server -A browser page reload caused the host server to change

  • Container Concurrency Limit Reached - The user had too many containers running simultaneously.

  • Terminating Lab <x> Minutes After Start - The lab was terminated based on the Part level setting

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