Course Settings

Settings tab

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Course Settings

Navigate to the Settings tab on your course page and click to open the Course Settings page

Course Overview

  • Course Resources

    • Resources available to the course. Enabled in in Org settings

  • Course Name

  • Start Date

  • End Date


  • Enabled Grading

  • Slip Days

    • Slip days are used to compute how many days a student is late for a submission in case there is a deadline set. When a student is graded, the late penalty (if set) will be calculated accordingly.

LTI Settings

Toggle 'LTI' on to enable LTI integration for the course within your LMS

  • Select between LTI 1.1 or 1.3

  • Show All Assignment

  • Auto Create Sections

  • Send Total Score (Canvas Only)

Select 'View' to bring up the LTI Details

Select 'Manage Course-Level Access' to add an LTI Issuer

More information on LTI integration can be found here

Other Settings

'Other Settings' provides few extra parameters you can set

  • The max session length for labs within the course

    • These can be adjusted within the individual assignment settings

  • Lab behavior on 'End'

    • Select between 'terminate resources' and 'stop resources'

  • Set time to terminate resources from start of the lab

  • Set AWS region launched

    • Regions and number of regions can be set in your Organization Settings

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