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If you are expecting a large number of students to be using the platform all at once (for example a quiz or an exam) you can utilize the Schedule Event feature to ensure an appropriate number of run servers are available based on the expected attendance.

Note: Currently the feature is enabled for an entire Organization on a per-request basis.

Schedule Event

To create a scheduled event, from the Course page, navigate to the Class tab. And select the Schedule Event button.

A modal will appear and request information for the following fields:

  • Assignment name

    • Select the Assignment

  • Part name

    • Select the specific Part of the Assignment

  • Title of the event

    • e.g. “Midterm Exam”

  • Date of the event

  • Time of the event

    • Event must be scheduled at 15 minutes ahead of when students are expedted to attend

  • Expected number of attendees

    • There is a cap on event attendance:

      • 200 users for parts not using GPU machines

      • 50 user for parts that are using GPU machines

Once you have filled out all the fields select Save.

10 minutes before the scheduled event time, an appropriate number of run servers matching the expected attendance will be launched, ensuring that our infrastructure is ready and able to handle the sudden influx of users.

There can only be one scheduled event for a course at a time, in which case the existing event can be modified or deleted.

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