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Vocareum manages the grading of the assignment on its system and offers multiple options to the teacher. The major categories are grading by peers, a pool of graders, or teachers. The system offers multiple* options for grading:


You can automatically grade any element of your grading rubric, by running “Auto Grade” from the control section of the Dashboard.The grading script can either be setup to run automatically when student submits the assignment by setting "Auto-grade on submit" to ON in the Advanced section of the Assignment -

Setting auto-grade

There are the following ways to setup auto-grading on Vocareum -

- Write bash shell scripts - This is the most flexible path to setting up auto-grading. You can write scripts which are executed in a copy of student submission. The scripts generate the grades in a CSV file which are processed by the platform. See "Configure Workspace" for more details.

- Import XML file - Vocareum specifies a XML format for importing assignments. See "Importing XML files" for more details.

- Auto-generate scripts - Vocareum provides an interface where it will automatically generate tests. See the section "Auto-generating grading scripts" for more details.

Manual grading: You can manually grade each student’s work by going to the page which has student submissions. If you want to grade a specific student, first visit student's "summary" page by selecting their name or email in Dashboard=>Summary section

Selecting View =>Submissions above should take you to a page where you can view student submissions, set grade, and provide feedback.

You can also get to the same page by selecting "View" in the Dashboard=>Submissions table -

In the page you can set grades in the right hand panel and then hit "submit" to make sure that the score is recorded

You can provide in-line feedback to the student by double clicking on a line in the student submission -

Note that "Add to search" flags saves your code comment so that you can retrieve it later by searching for it.

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