LTI 1.3 Vocareum Course Configuration

Vocareum now supports LTI 1.3 Integration as a Tool Provider. In order to allow a Vocareum course to be accessible through LTI 1.3, go to the Course Settings, and under the 'LTI/LMS Settings', toggle 'LTI' on. You will then be given a choice of LTI version, in this case, we want to select LTI version 1.3.

Along with the LTI on/off toggle and version selector, there are other settings:

Show all assignments: If set, the students will be able to see all the assignments if they go to the course main page. [should be OFF if you want Vocareum to only show the assignment that the student clicked on in their LMS. If ON student can navigate to other published assignments from their Vocareum window.]

After selecting LTI version 1.3 from the dropdown menu, clicking 'LTI Details' will reveal essential details used to redirect Tool Consumers (i.e. Canvas) to the Vocareum Platform.

All assignments within an LTI 1.3 enabled course are all automatically accessible through LTI 1.3. This can be changed by going to the assignment edit page and ticking/unticking the 'LTI' checkbox under the LTI section.

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