LTI 1.3 Setup Guide for Brightspace (D2L)

LTI 1.3 Configuration and Setup Guide for Integrating Vocareum into Brightspace (D2L) as a Tool Producer.

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In order to enable a Vocareum Course to be accessible through LTI 1.3, refer to the LTI 1.3 Vocareum Course Configuration guide.

Brightspace(D2L) Setup Guide

1. Registering Vocareum as an LTI 1.3 Tool

NOTE: In order to register an LTI 1.3 tool, you must login as an Admin. If you do not have 'Admin' privileges, contact your institution administrator about setting up Vocareum as an LTI 1.3 Tool Provider.

On Brightspace, go to the 'Gear' Icon > 'Manage Extensibility' > 'LTI Advantage' > 'Register Tool'. Select 'Standard Registration' and fill in the form with the following details:

  • Name: <name of your choice> (e.g. LTI 1.3 Vocareum Content, etc.)

  • Description: <description of your choice>

  • Domain:

  • Redirect URLs:

  • OpenID Connect Login URL:

  • Target Link URI:

  • Keyset URL:

Enable the following Extensions: 'Assignment and Grade Services', 'Deep Linking', and 'Names and Role Provisioning Services'.

Enable 'Send Institution Role'.

Register the Tool.

A box containing details such as 'Client ID', 'Brightspace Keyset URL', along with other information will be presented to you. Keep note of these details as they'll be required in order to register the Client to Vocareum.

2. Creating a New Deployment

WIthin the box containing details, click 'View Deployments' then 'New Deployment' to create a New Deployment.

Within the 'Tool' Dropdown, select the tool that was just registered.

fill in the rest of the form with the following details:

  • Name: <name of your choice> (e.g. LTI 1.3 Vocareum Content, etc.)

  • Description: <description of your choice>

Enable the following Extensions and security settings:

Now, select the Org Units that the Tool will be made available to, then 'Create Deployment'.

A 'Deployment ID' will be presented to you. Save the 'Deployment ID' somewhere as it'll be needed later in conjunction with the LTI 1.3 Tool Registration details from the 'Registering Vocareum as an LTI 1.3 Tool' section.

3. Creating Links

From the 'Brightspace Deployment Details' box, click 'View Links'. Now, create a 'New Link'.

Create 2 links with the types 'Deep Linking Insert Stuff' and 'Deep Linking QuickLink' and name it as you please. Now, fill the URL with the following:

  • URL:

These newly created links can be used to insert links and assignments as Course Content into a Brightspace (D2L) course.

Vocareum Setup Guide

1. Registering The Brightspace Client (Issuer)

Once we have both Client ID and Deployment ID, go back to Vocareum and go to Organization Settings (Org Admins only) and under the 'LTI' section, click 'Issuers' to the right of the 'LTI 1.3' label.

Click 'New Issuer' on the top-right hand side of the page and fill in the Issuer entry form with the information from the 'Brightspace Registration Details' from this section:

  • Issuer: < 'Issuer' field >

  • Client ID: < 'Client ID' field >

  • Platform Keyset URL: < 'Brightspace Keyset URL' field >

  • OIDC Authentication URL: < 'OpenID Connect Auth Endpoint' field >

  • OAuth Token URL: < 'Brightspace OAuth2 Access Token URL' field >

  • OAuth Server URL: < 'Brightspace OAuth2 Audience' field >

  • Name/Identifier: < Name/Identifier of your choice >

2. Registering The Brightspace Deployment

After registering the issuer/client, click the newly registered Issuer. On the top-right, click 'Deployments' then register the Deployment ID from the previous section by clicking 'New Deployment' and filling in the form.

Vocareum can now be used as an LTI 1.3 Tool Provider on Brightspace!

Still having problems?

If you are still encountering problems please contact Vocareum Support. Thank you!

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