Navigating assessment options and the grader dashboard

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The Assessments page allows an overview of student submissions and grades for a selected assignment. Each available function of the Assessments page is detailed below.

Please note in our legacy Vocareum Elite architecture the 'Assessments' page will appears as 'Dashboard'


  • Overview of student submission status and grade details per assignment.

  • Student name, whether or not the assignment has been started, submission status, date of last submission, assigned grader name, whether or not an assignment has been graded, student's grade, and feedback from grader.


  • When Auto-Grade is run (See Controls below) data will be shown in the Auto-Grade tab upon completion

  • Sort-by student name or completion status.

  • View when the grading was scheduled, when it started, when it ended, how long it took and Queue-time (how long submissions had to wait before being graded).


  • Overview of graders and details of assigned submissions.

  • Numbers can be clicked-through to show submissions.

  • View Graders by name, their assigned submissions, submissions they have graded, submissions they have yet to grade and set the weight of their grade.


  • Details about our Plagiarism features can be found here


  • Controls allows the following commands to be executed across an entire assignment:

    • Assign graders

    • Unpublish grades

    • Auto-grade

    • Reset autograde flags (Resets the autograde toggle in the rubric)

    • Compute grades

    • Upload submissions

    • Batch force submit

    • Publish Course


  • Export student info as a .csv ('comma-separated values' file). Adjust the content of the file and parameters as shown below:


Submission report

Submitted assignments

Code comments

  • Selecting Code comments will download a .csv containing student id, student email, student name, part name, name of Jupyter Notebook that has been commented on, line in the code cell that the comment appears on, notebook cell number, the code comments itself, and the reviewer/grader's name.

Assigned Graders

  • Selecting Assigned Graders will download a .csv('comma-separated values' file) containing the names of graders in the class, and which students they are assigned to.

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